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Thickness grader machine


Thickness grader machine

We are highly acclaimed for manufacturing and exporting the best stock of Thickness Grader. This equipment is used for separating out the grains in brown rice and polished rice based on their thickness. The grains are passed through revolving cylindrical screens, for separating oversized and undersized grains from the bulk stock. In addition, this Thickness Grader ensures excellent accuracy of separation. An integrated cleaning brush counter in the machine rotates with the drum to avoid choking of slots.

Product Specification

Capacity Ton/Hour with pre cleanerThick 4, Thin 3Thick 6, Thin 5Thick 10, Thin 8
Gear Motor Power HP / KW0.50/0.371.0/0.7352/1.5
Voltage (V)/Frequency (Hz)415/50415/50415/50
Working RPM181.0181.0181.0
Aspiration (CMM)
Weight (KG)430620840
Over All Size LxWxH (MM)2188 x 870 x 17002188 x 870 x 23012188 x 870 x 2898


  1. A specially designed cylindrical screen that ensures the accuracy of separation

    An integrated cleaning brush counter rotates with the drum to avoid choking of slots

    Customized selection of sieves to suit various application

    Can be fitted with variable speed drive (optional)



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