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Rice Polisher Machine

Rice Polisher Machine

A rice polisher is a machine for buffing (or “polishing”) kernels of rice to change their appearance, taste, and texture. Rice polishers are abrasive machines that use talc or some other very fine dust to buff the outer surface of rice kernels.

Capacity Ton/Hour with pre-cleanerMedium Grain 4 – 6, Long Grain 2.5 – 4Medium Grain 7 – 8, Long Grain 4.5 – 5Medium Grain 10 – 12, Long Grain 7 – 8
Motor Power:HP / KW40/30 50/37.5 60/45.075/56.25100/75.0
Voltage (V)/Frequency (Hz)415/50415/50415/50
Aspiration (CMM)50.075100
Weight (KG)122010501350
Over All Size LxWxH (MM)2595 x 700 x 16752364 x 800 x 23392739 X 1595 X 1900

Silky Polisher

  • PLC controlled automation system
  • Water & air mist nozzle at shaft
  • Integrated humidifier system with complete enclosure sieve frames with rod shine
  • Replacement of motor outside the machine for easy maintenance
  • Reduced machine height for sturdy operation
  • The unique design of water dosing mechanism eliminates the use of compressed air
  • The moisture injection system ensures that the injection occurs only when the rice is available in the chamber
  • Specially designed CAM rollers ensure higher glazing with minimum broken available in a wide range of capacities



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