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Rice packaging machine

Rice packaging machine

The Rice Packaging Machine belongs to a wide range of machinery and complete systems for weighing, dosing, packaging, and palletizer that Techgen Engineering can offer. The packaging of rice it is an accurate and delicate process, due to the specific characteristic of the product itself, so it needs to be carefully managed and performed. Ensuring the perfect packaging of the rice it is the aim of Techgen Engineering that thanks to the multi-year experience it’s able to offer a wide range of machinery and complete lines for the weighing, bagging and packaging of the rice.

Rice Packing MachineRice Packaging MachineRice Packaging MachineRice Packing Machine
Driven TypeElectricElectricElectric, HydraulicElectric
Power5 KVa0 to 3kw


Design features of packing machine

1. Integrated circuit design: The new circuit design, the baler adopts the plug-in circuit board to control the whole packing action and the temperature of the hot head. The circuit board replacement is quite convenient, and the baler service is convenient.
2. Instant heating, immediate packaging: Innovative high-speed hot-melt system design, the hot-spot can work in 5 seconds so that the PET baler enters the optimal packaging state.
3. Automatic stop device, power saving and practical: When the baling action is completed, no longer operate within 60 seconds, the baler structure is compact, the motor will automatically stop and enter the standby state.
4. New brake design: The strapper uses a special spring design to ensure that the belt is smooth and noise-free, and the price of the baler is reasonable.
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