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Rice Color Sorter Machine

rice color sorter machine

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Rice Color Sorter Q-C Series 
Model Throughput(T/h) Sorting Accuracy(%) Optimized carryoverPower(kw) Supply DimensionL*W*H(mm) Weight(kg) 

Note: Subject to different raw materials and different impurities percentage in raw materials, parameters listed in the above tables will change to some extent, which are references for you choosing a suitable model.

What is the meaning of sorter?

sorter – Computer Definition. (1) A sort program. (2) A person who manually puts data into a specific sequence. (3) An early tabulating machine that enabled punch cards to be rearranged into numerical or alphabetical order by directing them into separate stackers based on the content of one card column.


  1. The material to be sorted is fed onto an acceleration conveyor to spread the material to a single layer.
  2. The material is accelerated and scanned on a single layer at approximately 12 inches from the head pulley.
  3. The material identification is done through an NIR camera.



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