Technology is ever changing but even more rapidly in the rice milling sector. While it’s convenient to upgrade piecemeal, it is ultimately self-defeating. This is because if you want to have greater returns, you need to be ahead of the curve. This means usually upgrading the existing rice mill to a spanking state of the art plant.

This will not only help maintain the high-quality output of rice consistently but lead to greater acceptance of your shipped consignments due to the fulfillment of international quality demands. In fact, today the government is driving the Rice mills to modernize to meet global quality standards. As the milieu changes, specialized marketing techniques, business development, encouraging government policies, and infrastructure are falling into place.

Some of the latest technologies that the new age Rice mill owners are adopting include Employing Rubber roller technology for husking & Paddy separators in a 2 stage whitening process, replacing old equipment with emery-coated cylinders, friction-type whitener polisher, and dry & wet mist polishers. For greater productivity, skilled operators, good quality raw paddy, regular maintenance of machines combine with Automated plants from Germany & Japan to produce high-quality rice.

In the fields, while the use of NUE (Nitrogen Use Efficient) technology increases plant growth and yield, turbo & extractive milling speeds up processing in the mills. Techgen Grain Processing & Engineering Ltd., India’s leading Rice Mill Project Consultant & Rice Mill Plant Supplier & of Rice Mill Machinery facilitates for the upgrade of existing Rice Mills due to the vast expertise and experience gained in setting up plant across the world.

Promoted by two professional industry. The Company possesses extensive experience in the Grain & Seed Industry to transform the existing Rice mills through innovation and automation for customized needs so that the transition is eased into within the time and budget constraints.