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Techgen Engineering Ltd, working with a leading manufacturer who has proven & state of art technology mainly from Europe, America & Asia.

Large Scale Rice Milling Machinery

Large Scale Auto Rice Milling Machinery

paddy cleaner machine

This machine is the second cleaner in the mill which can remove the middle and light un-purity. The sieve runs with three tracks at the same time, the right and left swaying near the inlet makes for the material to be divided evenly. The to-and-fro move of the middle sieve and the rotary move of the outlet make for the classification. The airtight sieve with.

Cleaning De-Stoner

We are highly acclaimed for manufacturing and exporting the best stock of Thickness Grader. This equipment is used for separating out the grains in brown rice and polished rice based on their thickness. The grains are passed through revolving cylindrical screens, for separating oversized and undersized grains from the bulk stock. 

Paddy Husker Machine

Paddy Huller is mainly used in paddy hulling and separating rice husk from the mixture of paddy and brown rice. It has a gearbox for speed change, and once a new roll is installed, there is no need to dismantle any more. The structure is well sealed and thus avoids the leakage of rice. 

Double body paddy separator

We offer quality Double Body Paddy Separator series machines, which are an innovative substitute to the conventional paddy separators available in the market. These machines are appreciated for their main characteristics of easy adaptability, 

Rice Whitener Machine

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Rice Polisher Machine

rice polisher is a machine for buffing (or “polishing“) kernels of rice to change their appearance, taste, and texture. Rice polishers are abrasive machines that use talc or some other very fine dust to buff the outer surface of rice kernels.

Rice length grader machine

Our length graders enable our customers to separate broken grains from whole grains by passing them through rotating indented cylinders. The rotation results in the separation of the shorter broken grains from the whole grain, which are removed by a separate discharge outlet. 

Rice color sorter machine

rice color sorting machine, also named rice color sorter, separates rice grains according to color differences in raw rice arising from anomalies like bits of stone, bad rice, black rice, half-husked rice, etc. A high-resolution CCD optical sensor drives

Thickness grader machine

This machine is utilized to separate grains of varied thickness in polished/ brown rice. Undersized or oversized grains are separated by passing the material through cylindrical screens. The machine is highly reliable in the separation of an admixture of undersize and oversize grains. This can also be utilized to separate broken and immature grains, etc.

Rice packaging machine

The Rice Packaging Machine belongs to a wide range of machinery and complete systems for weighing, dosing, packaging, and palletizer that Techgen Engineering can offer. The packaging of rice it is an accurate and delicate process, due to the specific characteristic of the product itself, so it needs to be carefully managed and performed. 

Techgen Engineering Ltd working with world leading manufacturer who has proven & state of art technology mainly from Europe, America & Asia.



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