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Combined Rice Mill-BLNM-15D

Combined Rice Mill-BLNM-15D

Equipment modelBLNK-15D
Rice output(kg/h)1000
Support power (kW)23
The ratio of winnowed rice(%)71
Equipment power(kw)33KW
Weight 1400


Combined rice mill

BLNM-15D combined rice mill is a complete rice mill machine, which includes cleaning, destoning, hulling, brown rice and husk separating, whitening, and grading all in one. Its white rice output is 1000-1200 kg rice per hour, paddy input 1400-1700 kg per hour.


Features of BLNM-15D combined rice mill:

  1. The main advantage of this rice mill is that it occupies small space and easy installation with good performance, making white rice with less broken rice.
  2. It’s an ideal machine for the small investment with good finish product.
  3. The working video and details manual are available.
  4. Easy to add some follow-up equipment
  5. Better cleaning effect



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