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Chocolate is a key ingredient in many foods such as milkshakes, candy bars, cookies, and cereals. It is ranked as one of the most favorite flavors in North America and Europe (Swift, 1998). Despite its popularity, most people do not know the unique origins of this popular treat. Chocolate is a product that requires complex procedures to produce. The process involves harvesting cocoa, refining coca to cocoa beans, and shipping the cocoa beans to the manufacturing factory for cleaning, coaching and grinding. These cocoa beans will then be imported or exported to other countries and be transformed into a different type of chocolate products Read More

Working with the world-leading manufacturer who has proven & state of art technology mainly from Europe, America & Asia


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The Process of Chocolate Production Plant

From Cacao Bean to Chocolate

Cocoa beans are stored in silos or warehouses in their original sacks. Imported raw cocoa is subject to strict quality control. Laboratory technicians ensure that the beans are healthy, perfectly fermented and dried, and have suffered no damage during transport. Silos, measuring from 40 to 120 feet in height can store up to 1000 tons or more. The raw cocoa is sucked up by powerful vacuums and fed into the silos.

The storage area must be isolated from the rest of the building to protect the sensitive beans from strong odors that might be absorbed. Good air circulation and cool temperature are important, and the humidity regularly checked. You must be able to identify the beans according to their particular type and origin in order to control the flavor by blending beans for roasting.

Step 1: Cleaning: The process of making chocolate starts with the cocoa beans being passed through a machine that removes dried cocoa pulp, pieces of the pod and other extraneous material. The beans are carefully weighed and blended according to specifications. Finally, the last vestiges of wood, jute fibers, sand, and even the finest dust are extracted by powerful vacuum equipment. 

Step 2: Roasting:  To bring out the characteristic chocolate aroma, the beans are roasted in large rotary cylinders. Depending upon the variety of the beans and the desired end result, the roasting lasts from 30 minutes to two hours at temperatures of 250 degrees Fahrenheit and higher. As the beans turn over and over, their moisture content drops, their color changes to a rich brown, and the characteristic aroma of chocolate become evident.

Step 3: Shell Removal: The cocoa beans are cooled quickly and their thin shells, which have become brittle by roasting, are removed. A giant winnowing machine that passes the beans between serrated cones so they are cracked rather than crushed. In the process, a series of mechanical sieves separate the broken pieces into large and small grains while fans blow away the thin, light shell from the meat or “nibs.” Here’s where the first secrets of the chocolate manufacturer come in.

Step 4: Nibs are ground: The nibs, which contain about 53 % cocoa butter, pass through refining mills and are ground between large grinding stones or heavy steel discs creating a cocoa paste. The paste is subjected to hydraulic pressure, and the cocoa butter flowing out is a pure and valuable fat with a marked aroma;


chocolate production line.

Biscuit production line: We are a supplier and installer of the biscuit production line. If you are interested in this type of biscuit making plant, don’t hesitate to contact us!

       working with a leading manufacturer who has proven & state of art technology mainly from Europe, America & Asia.


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