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While everyone is arguing about the various disputes between milk sources, markets, and industries, people have neglected the development of an integral part of the packaging and processing machinery technology industry chain. At present, there are some contradictions in the development of China’s dairy packaging and processing machinery industry: the contradiction between the low level of primary products and the high safety requirements of end products. Milk is a highly time-sensitive food and must be guaranteed in the process of packaging and packaging. Microbiological indicators meet the requirements for food safety. There is a big gap between the microbiological indicators of fresh milk in China and those of developed countries.

This requires that during the milk processing process, the technical performance of the processing and packaging equipment used has higher requirements in terms of guaranteeing the safety of the end product. That is to say, every process in the process of packaging and packaging should be guaranteed from the state of the equipment. Minimize the impact that may be caused by process equipment technology. However, dairy companies competed for the market in order to make up for the differentiated advantages of their own products. Raw milk was artificially thickened and perfumed, which changed the original processing technology of raw materials, which in turn increased the technology of related processing and packaging equipment. responsibility.

Only by improving the consistency and continuity of the equipment hygiene and safety can we deal with the original technological changes of this raw material. The contradiction between the industry’s special requirements and the lack of compound technical talents In dairy processing and packaging equipment, UHT and aseptic technology are located at a higher technical level, are comprehensive results of related technical disciplines and are key technologies and equipment that need to be broken through at home. Dairy processing and packaging equipment industry is an industry with special requirements; from the technical point of view, manufacturers should have integrated biochemical pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing technology, experience of dairy processing technologists, ability of automated integration technology, and comprehensive quality control methods. Quality.

To break through key technologies, in addition to the need for adequate R&D financial support, it is even more important to be able to digest and absorb relevant advanced technologies from abroad, and to integrate breakthrough and integration innovations to increase the overall reliability of the equipment’s overall performance. High security. This requires highly qualified and talented people with the ability to integrate technology and innovation. Due to the industry’s history of development and capital structure, the extremely lack of high-quality talent has become an indisputable fact, and it has also become a bottleneck restricting the development of the industry’s technological level

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