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Details description of UHT Milk Production Line:

UHT Milk Production Line

In the vast global market for UHT milk, food safety is the alpha and the omega. The whole process has to be sterile and there is absolutely no room for errors. Today's consumers are more safety conscious than ever, so it's important to know that your own raw materials, production equipment and routines live up to the highest possible safety standards.

Besides the UHT white milk, this category includes formulated products for specific customer segments, recombined milk, reduced lactose milk and skimmed milk with added vitamins. Whichever category you operate in, we have the expertise and the equipment to support you.

As the inventors of aseptic technology, our systems have been developed over many years and are proven to be the most reliable on the market. We offer the highest level of hygienic design, starting with the design of the equipment itself. Our machines are based on components sourced only from large, reliable suppliers who offer global support. Once commissioned, automatic cleaning systems minimise the risks associated with manual equipment cleaning.

Supplying extremely cost-efficient production solutions both for bulk and premium products, Tetra Pak also helps UHT milk producers drive down operating costs. And, as environmental legislation becomes stricter, it is good to know that cost and impact reduction go hand in hand.​

Best-practice lines for UHT milk: We believe that your optimal solution is one that matches your specific production needs today and for the future – to make you more innovative, more effective and more competitive. And we believe that this optimal solution is born in applying our vast knowledge and complete range of innovative technology for food production in a close partnership with you.​​

UHT Milk Production Line

Each process includes different kinds of machines. All these machines form a whole set which guarantee the automatic production of Pasteurized Milk large quantity and high quality.

Product Features:

    Techgen Engineering ltd, supply full set of turnkey project for production line feed products, including the complete line design, engineering management, civil engineering of Factory and the foundation building, supplying, installation of all the equipments, the supplying and installation of compressed air, water and power system and etc.

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