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Details of Edible oil Extract Machines From Rice Bran:

Extract Machines From Rice Bran

Hot selling rice bran oil processing line in Bangladesh Solvent extraction is a process to extract the oil from oil bearing materials by means of a solvent. A typical solvent used is hexane, a by-product of petroleum. The solvent extraction plant is designed to extract oil directly from oil seeds containing less than 20% oil, like soybeans, after flaking. Or it extracts oils from pre-pressed or fully pressed cake of seeds containing more than 20% oil like sunflowers, peanuts, cotton seed, palm kernels, canola, copra, castor and a variety of other materials.

The Process of Rice bran oil production line:

After pressed or pre-pressed , we get the cake , the cake has about 7% or 12-13% oil residual. In order to make the oil in the cake is less than 1% , we need to solvent extraction . And Firstly , we need to the scraper conveyor ,send the cake to the solvent extractor , then leach them about 90-120 minutes , keep the temperature is 70-80 degree . Then we can get the wet meal and Miscella.

The Process of Rice bran oil production line:

The purpose of solvent plant extraction is to remove most of the oil contained in the seed. Extraction is conducted on prepared seeds or, as generally occurs in the case of high oil content seeds, the cake obtained from pre-pressing.

Solvent extraction consists of a sequence of five operations:

Preparation of seeds for extraction which includes pre-pressing for high oil content seeds.

Extraction of oil from the prepared material with the aid of a food-grade solvent.

Desolventising-toasting of the de-oiled seed/meal, often combined with drying and cooling of the said meal.

Distillation, to remove the solvent from the extracted oil.

Recovery of solvent, which is reused again and again at the extractor level.

In order to meet different clients’requirements, we have a wide range of equipment with capacities from 300 kg to 100 metric tons. When refined, oil grades may qualify as Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3 or Grade 4. There are two technologies: one is batch, the other is continuous. Normally we adopt batch-type processing for capacities less than 20 t/d. Otherwise the process adopted is semi-continuous or continuous.

We continue to research new equipment. We develops equipment designed to be fully automatic, utilizing advanced technology that can be combined according to different clients’ requirements. The latest refining equipment consists of many single units and has a self-contained heating system which saves energy since it does not use a boiler. This equipment requires a smaller workspace and costs less. Furthermore, it has a wider range of functions and can be used to produce Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 oil.

Production Line of rice bran oil Yoghurt Production Line

Each process includes different kinds of machines. All these machines form a whole set which guarantee the automatic production of edible oil process Machines large quantity and high quality.

Techgen Engineering ltd, supply full set of turnkey project for production line edible oil process, including the complete line design, engineering management, civil engineering of Factory and the foundation building, supplying, installation of all the equipments, the supplying and installation of compressed air, water and power system and etc.

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