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Details description of Paddy Drying and Cooling Plant:


As for the latter, these are high-flow dryers that need a more complex infrastructure, complementary equipment and, above all, special planning and organizational They are therefore more appropriate for big centres, silos or warehouses, where very large quantities of product are treated.

paddy Separator machine
Product Features:
  • ● Heating of the grain, accompanied by a cooling of the drying air;
  • ● reduction in the moisture content of the grain, accompanied by an increase in the relative humidity of the drying air. But this process does not take place uniformly.
  • ● Easy to operate
  • ● Premature and unseasonable germination of the grain
  • ● Development of moulds
  • ● Due to its ingenious structure design, it reduces the required power and improves drying efficiency in the foundation of saving occupied area.
  • ●Proliferation of insects.
  • ●The aim of this dessication is to lower the moisture content in order to guarantee conditions favourable for storage or for further processing of the product.

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