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Fruit Processing Plant - Pulp, Juice, Jam:


,Techgen Engineering Ltd are supplying complete mango processing machinery on turnkey basis for the production of Fruit pulp, juice & concentrated puree, as well as single machines to meet specific requirements

,Techgen can setup Fruit processing plant on turnkey basis where fresh fruits will be processed to manufacture Fruit pulp, Fruit concentrate/Jam and Fruit Juice. Plant comprises following sections:

,RECEPTION SECTION: Fresh fruits would be received at reception section and passed on to the fruit washing and grading section.Fruits from reception will be washed in washing section to remove outer dirt and foreign matter from the fruit skin. Washed Fruits would be feed to the inspection cum sorting conveyor where unwanted, damaged Fruits would be separated out manually.

,Major Equipments: Infeed Conveyor, Mango Washer, Sorting Table


,PROCESSING AND JUICE EXTRACTION SECTION: Washed & graded Fruits would be passed on to the fruit juice extraction and processing unit. From fresh Fruits the juice will be extracted out in juice extraction system. The outer skin, seed and fiber of fruits would be separated out from extraction machine and then disposed manually. Extracted juice is passed to the heat treatment to avoid the quality degradation. Again it is fine pulped in Pulper cum finisher to get finished pulp. This pulp will go for further processing to Pulp Pasteuriser. Pasteurized pulp is transferred to a Pulp storage tank.

,Major Equipments: Fruit Destoner, Receiving Tank, Transfer Pump, Pulper cum Finisher, Receiving Tank, Transfer Pump, Pulp Preheater (Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger), Pulp Storage cum Balance Tank


,SUGAR SYRUP PREPARATION SECTION:For Fruit Pulp and then it is mixed with sugar solution and all ingredients. Then the Fruit Pulp is pasteurized and then allowed for packing.

,Major Equipments: Sugar Dissolving Tank, Sugar Solution Transfer Pump, Inline Filter, Blending Tank, Screw Pump, Paste Pasteurizer, Balance Tank, Transfer Pump (Lobe Type), Buffer Tank (Insulated)


From bottle cleaning and circular filling, linear bottle production line or packing and palletizing – ,Techgen offers maximum efficiency and availability all along the line.

In the bottling and packaging industry, maximum equipment performance and availability are essential. And, very specific hygienic requirements need to be met as well. These hygienic requirements must be observed very closely; especially when rearranging plant equipment. All components are required to display a high degree of flexibility and ease of cleaning in such cases.

,Techgen Engineering ltd, working with world leading manufacturer who has proven & state of art technology mainly from Europe, America & Asia. We take the advantage of globalization and crowds of famous & renowned manufacturer’s local representative in Bangladesh, providing their modern technology to our Entrepreneur / Industrialist.

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Techgen Engineering Ltd are supplying complete mango processing machinery on turnkey basis for the production of Fruit pulp, juice & concentrated puree, as well as single machines to meet specific requirements....

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