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Description of Automatic CIP System:

Automatic CIP System

CIP cleaning equipment used for dairy products, fruit juice, cleaning and beverage industries material pipeline and container equipment. It has three cleaning sections acid, lye and heated water, whose temperature can be adjusted.

It is used of centrifugal pump for cleaning solution for forced circulation in the material pipes and equipment inside the container, achieve the purpose of cleaning without disintegration of pipeline equipment, improve equipment utilization, and reduce labor intensity.

Automatic CIP System

CIP plays role of rinsing syrup melting system, extracting and dispensing system for juice, homogenizer, and air exhauster. UHT sterilization system is attached with the CIP.

Function:The CIP SYSTEM can cleaning equipments of blending system automatically, from start until to the end of cleaning Work, all jobs are done by the control system automatic performance which function had been set in advance, the operator only Makes the switching operation, all blending system equipment will be cleaned fast and simply.

  • ● Liquid store TANK
  • ● Acidity, alkalescent
  • ● Liquid PH &118alue
  • ● Mensuration machine
  • ● Acidity Liquid, alkalescent
  • ● Liquid Dose pump
  • ● CIP infeed PUMP
  • ● CIP Liquid reclaim pump/li>
  • ● CIP infeed &reclaim piprline/li>
  • ● Automatic pneumatic valve/li>
  • Automatic CIP System


    1. Water wash (water wash leftover) 2. Lye wash (lye cycle) Lotion:Lye, specialty clean lotion Consistency: 1~2% Temperature: 70~90 degree 3. Acidity Liquid wash Lotion:Nitric acid, specialty clean lotion Consistency: 0.5~1.5% Temperature:60~80 degree 4. Pasteurizer Lotion: Water Temperature: 90~95 degree


    1. Before cleaning process, Setting target subject & checking, to avoid mistake of choosing 2. CIP Liquid store TANK automatic Liquid-level inspection and complementarily 3. Acidity Liquid, Lye automatic adding inspection 4. Heat up temperature and circumfluence temperature controller 5. All of automatic valve and pump start and stop controller 6. Running statues display 7. Failure automatic pause and warning

    CIP Advantages::

    1. It can make the production plan reasonable and improve the produce ability. 2. To compare with the hand-wash,it doesn't influence the cleaning result because of the worker's difference,on the contrary,it can improve the products'quality. 3. It can prevent the dangers of cleaning work,so that we can save the work force. 4. It can save the cleanser,the steam,the water and the cost of production. 5. It can extend the service life of the machine parts. 6. It includes three types,one is the handwork system,one is the semi-automation system,and the other is the whole-automation system,so it is easy for customer's selection

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