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Details description of Rice Polisher Machine:

paddy destoner machine

Rice milling process is to remove external rice husk and dampen the rice suitably to achieve slippery and shinning appearance. When brown rice passes through the milling chamber, the sufficient friction is made between rice particles, between rice particles and screen frame and between rice particles and roller under the inner pressure, rotation of iron roll or emery roll and air blowing of fan, afterwards, the milled white rice is coming out.

This machine absorbs the international advanced milling technology and adopts modern mechanical manufacturing techniques and international configuration to achieve the large-scale rice milling machine. It is mainly used to husk and whiten the brown rice. It is the idea equipment for the modern large rice mill plant.

Rice Polisher Machine
Product Features:
  • ●Adopts rice milling technology with large wind quantity and high wind speed. Big output, low rice temperature and less crake rate.
  • ● Moving screen frame and flake emery roller structure.
  • ● Imported electrical equipment which is durable.
  • ● Currency and sub-pressure is displayed for easy operation.
  • ●Wearing pieces is made by advanced fabrication technique which has long working life.
  • ● Multiple discharge port to make the supporting facilities easy.
  • ● Adjustment can be made during the milling process. Fineness of rice is higher and broken rice increment is small.
  • ● Attractive appearance and advanced structure.

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