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Details description of Pasteurized Milk Production Line:

Pasteurized Milk Production Line

Pasteurization unit for market milk with partial homogenization. Figure details- 1. Balance tank, 2. Product feed pump, 3. Flow controller, 4. Deaerator, 5. Separator, 6. Constant pressure valve, 7. Density transmitter, 8. Flow transmitter, 9. Regulating valve, 10. Shut-off valve, 11. Check valve, 12. Homogenisator, 13. Booster pump, 14. Holding tube, 15. Flow diversion valve, 16. Plate heat exchanger, 17. Process control

STANDARDIZATION: The purpose of standardization is to give the milk a defined, guaranteed fat content. The level varies considerably from one country to another. Common values are 1.5% for low-fat milk and 3% for regular-grade milk, but fat contents as low as 0.1 and 0.5% also occur. The fat is a very important economic factor. Consequently, the standardization of milk and cream must be carried out with great accuracy.

PASTEURIZATION – THE HEAT TREATMENT: Along with correct cooling, the heat treatment is one of the most important processes in the treatment of milk. If carried out correctly, these processes will give milk a longer shelf life.Temperature and pasteurization time are very important factors which must be specified precisely in relation to the quality of the milk and its shelf-life requirements. The pasteurization temperature for homogenized, HTST pasteurized milk is usually 72 – 75 °C for 15 – 20 seconds.

The pasteurization process may vary from one country to another, according to national legislation. A common requirement in all countries is that the heat treatment must guarantee significant reduction of spoiling microorganisms and destruction of all pathogenic bacteria, without the product being damaged.

HOMOGENIZATION: The purpose of homogenization is to reduce the size of the fat globules in the milk, in order to reduce or prevent creaming. Homogenization may be total or partial. Partial homogenization is a more economical solution, because a smaller homogenizer can be used.

Pasteurized Milk Production Line

Each process includes different kinds of machines. All these machines form a whole set which guarantee the automatic production of Pasteurized Milk large quantity and high quality.

Techgen Engineering ltd, supply full set of turnkey project for production line feed products, including the complete line design, engineering management, civil engineering of Factory and the foundation building, supplying, installation of all the equipments, the supplying and installation of compressed air, water and power system and etc.

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